White Paper

This morning I decided to pick up my guitar and finish some songs. I have two that I am working on today. They have melodies and guitar parts, and I just need to write the lyrics. I thought I would change things up a little bit and just sit down and write from my head instead of using my guitar. So I moved the legos to one side of the table and the dishes of partially eaten breakfast to the other and found a spot that wasn’t wet or sticky and put my two pieces of plain white paper down on the table. Then I sat down with a blue pen and stared at the paper. My songs usually write themselves and in the usual fashion the first song did, but I was appalled at how corny and poppy it was as it appeared in imaginary writing on the paper. I refuse to write it down in real ink, but surely it is a hit because it made me gag a little. I just need to humble myself and …no I can’t do it.

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