The Band Leader sends texts

As you all should know by now, my band who I will refer to as “My Enablers” for this post because I think it is funny and because they have no other name than “Tammy Laforest”, is playing its first real show this Wednesday.

See? No? Ok, so we aren’t actually listed on the website, but it’s ok. We haven’t really earned our spot there yet, have we? This post is not about that.

This post is about me freaking out. I actually have two shows this week. Wednesday I am playing with My Enablers at the Met. Thursday I am playing as a soloist with other sets by other RISA artists at the Greenwich Hotel. The solo gig I could do, and probably will do, with my eyes closed. The band gig is making me nervous. I don’t know if we will play well because we haven’t played together in public before except for three songs at the Spot. That went well actually. That’s not the point! I try not to take a test until I have studied enough to know that I have the material down. I try not to play shows until I know we have practiced enough. I honestly think we have practiced most songs enough. That hasn’t kept me from sending a bazillion texts and e-mails and facebook messages to My Enablers in a total panic.

This is why they invented wine, isn’t it?

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