Shows, Romeo and Nominations

Our hard work has paid off.  The Dust Ruffles have been nominated in both the Motif Magazine Music awards as Breakthrough Act and in the Limelight Magazine Music Awards as New Artist of the Year.  My solo album Copper, released under the name Tammy Laforest, has also received a nomination as Best Americana Album in the Motif Awards.  You can vote in the Motif Awards here.  The polls for the Limelight Awards are closed, but you can purchase tickets for the show here.

Why is this so exciting?  I have been working super hard for years to get acknowledged by Motif Magazine.  To get two places on their poll is a huge deal to me, and I am super happy!!!!!!!  If I win, I will add more exclamation marks.  While the Limelight Awards nominations come from fans, Motif chooses differently.  They explain on their website:

“The list of nominees is out for the 2015 Motif Music Awards, celebrating the best in local music. Nominees are selected mathematically from the suggestions by over 75 local booking agents, labels, radio stations, and over a dozen of our music writers.”

In other news, my band has two upcoming shows.

On March 20 we will be playing A Truth Divide’s CD release show. (Click those words to open the Facebook event page.)


On March 27 we will be playing another fundraiser at Lang’s Bowlarama- This time to benefit the PEACE LOVE FOUNDATION  and in memory of BRENTON GRAY HENDERSON & TIFFANY RENEE DESISTO.  The event is sponsored by the Mediator Fellowship.

The show will be hosted by Athan Phynix and Katie Lewis : Motif Magazine’s Dare Me Girl  and will feature Athan Phynix : Absurdist ImprovisationalistVulGarrityTHUSMalyssa BellaRosa,  The Dust RufflesAllison GiulianoDon Tassone,  Jordan Sereno & Adam Steele, Joshua Fonseca of Soundscapers Drumming and more. 

To learn more about PEACE LOVE & how they have impacted our community, click here.  To learn more about the artistic work of Brent, click here.

And in OTHER other news, if you haven’t noticed it getting blasted ALL over our social media, The Dust Ruffles have released their first single.  Ever.  In all of history.

Cover 3And because it is our first and we love it very much, we are sharing it with you for free.  We are hoping to eventually place it on a full album of songs.  This full album will be pretty awesome because it won’t have just me writing songs and singing.  There are four singer songwriters in the Dust Ruffles and they will all be songwriting and singing on the album.  We will probably have to do some sort of crowd funding thingy in order to make this happen, but for now there is a button on my website that anyone can feel free to use if they so desire.  You will also find the free download link for Romeo.  Please 1) Download, 2) Listen, 3) Share like the common cold.





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