Relationship Status Update

A little song I wrote about people changing their relationship status too frequently. Lyrics below (side note….what’s with that one rebellious piece of hair?) He left without saying goodbye today He must still be angry about yesterday You must tell the whole world that you are upset You must do something that he won’t forget A few nasty words on his wall Untag yourself in the photos of your first date And the most notorious of all The relationship status update Before he even gets himself to work He’s being asked for confirmation Suddenly this relationship is so complicated He knows because he got a notification You need to take yourself a few deep breaths You can’t just go breaking it off When you haven’t even talked about it yet Chorus: You’ve gotta give it some time You’ve gotta give it a change Not every two minutes Change your relationship status Save us the confusion Save yourself the explanation From when you change your mind And change it back again He didn’t even know something was wrong Now you’re married to your best friend It must be true because it’s been confirmed He didn’t know you were a lesbian You really shouldn’t be so impulsive But it’s just so easy to hit send And it only takes a split second To bring this relationship to an end Chorus And then you’re married to another How are you gonna explain this to your mother Surely this could backfire on you in ways that you can’t even comprehend You really need to think it through Before you tell everyone

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