Press Kit


photo by Holly Connors

Tammy Laforest- Musical artist and songwriter Tammy Laforest is the newest sensation to hit the Providence music scene. 

Cover art by Crystal Greene

Her debut record “Copper” exposes her soul in a sonic representation of poetic perfection. From alternative pop, to retro rock, to haunting waltzes, don’t miss the pure essence of natural talent, visual and aural beauty in her live performances.

Ms. Laforest performs her music in numerous types of venues with ensembles ranging from acoustic soloist to full alternative rock bands. She had performed throughout the United States with her bands The Dust Ruffles and Tammy & Jeana.  

Tammy & Jeana
Singer-songwriters Tammy Laforest and Jeana DeLaire come together in this emerging Providence based acoustic duo. Featuring a multi-genre blend of classic pop and top charts as well as originals, the two seasoned players produce an enchantingly dynamic sound. To find out more, please visit

The Dust Ruffles
A three member pop-rock band performing Tammy’s original music. Featuring attention grabbing three part harmonies and tight rhythm section provided by New England music scene favorites Sharlene DeNardo on bass and Al Diaz on drums. Visit their Facebook page to see and hear what they’ve been up to.

If you would like to speak by phone, please email first.

Below are music samples from the studio album “Copper.” If you would like to hear the full album, please click here.

I’m Alive from the album Copper.


Beauty from the album Copper.


Girl in the Dark from the album Copper