Planning a Benefit

I suddenly find myself with lots of free time.  I have decided I would like to use a good amount of it to help someone other than myself.  I am planning some sort of music benefit to educate the public and raise either money or clothing or some combination of the two for a homelessness organization in Providence, RI.  I have been talking to two, but they need more information before they will agree to meet with me.

banner coat3

I feel like this is a commonly misunderstood population, so education is needed.  Also, winter is coming, and it is cold outside.  The shelters only allow people to stay inside until an early morning hour.  One day I was at the International Institute during a coat distribution.  I had NO IDEA before then of the need for warm clothing.  Not only are there many homeless people without warm clothing, but many refuges arriving every month that come without anything at all.  At that time I owned three coats. I have also had the fun experience of frost bite on my feet since then.  I feel very strongly that anyone who spends any amount of time outside in the winter NEEDS warm socks and boots.

I am also aware that people can become homeless for many reasons including misfortune, mental health problems and addiction, usually combined with a lack of a support network.  Because of these things, it is often very challenging to get out of the rut of homelessness.  I hope to have speakers on these topics.

The planning for this project is in the very early stages.  I need to secure a venue before the charities will meet with me to discuss the project.  Then we will set a date., which will likely be in early November.  Hopefully from there we can get a sound engineer and work out if there will be “vendor” tables and speakers.  I have had many, many musicians and bands volunteer in response to a status update I posted (which should load below).  I need to see who can do  the date we settle on.  Once I have that done, I can start contacting the media.  Maybe my blog readers and Facebook followers will share too.  But first…a venue.

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