I sorta figured it out.

Everything from before the last entry where I say I don’t know how to move my tumblr, is actually either from tumblr or youtube. That is why I have blogs from before this website was even made. 😀

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To Tumblr or not to Tumblr

I have no idea how to get my tumblr to just show up here. I’ll figure it out eventually. It makes more sense for me to just use this website for my blog.

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In other news- drummer

I talked to some drummers and auditioned a couple and found one that I really like.  I just hope that he really likes me.  So far so good.  Things have fallen apart quite rapidly in the past so I will not tell you his name yet.  

Guitar+vocals+bass+ drums= full band if you are Nirvana.  I think we could still benefit from that cellist.  At this point I have decided that violin is close enough.  

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Selling Instruments to make money to record

I made a page for some things I am selling so that I can have money to record.  

This links to it.

It turns out that it costs way more money to make a CD than you will probably ever get back from selling it.  This is my goal anyway.  I strongly encourage you to pre-order.  

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My lack of band- now hiring

You can only do so much when you only have two hands.  

And my ideas are such that I must form a band.

Ok, enough poetry.  This is Conor. He plays the bass in my band.

Conor Birdhair

Tammy + Conor ≠ full band

So what I am saying here is PLEASE JOIN MY BAND.  More specifically, if you like my music, share the same ambitions as me and play cello, you are probably in automatically.  If you fall into the above criteria but instead play drums, electric guitar or maybe piano, I will also have to like you and the way you play.  

But most importantly, you have to like me because you will be stuck with  me and my ideas for a very long time.  But it will be worth it because the goal is to make money with the band we form.  Do you like money?  I think the attention and admiration aspect is there also .  

Listen to my music and imagine it with drums and electric guitar.  I know it is difficult.  Also keep in  mind that I want to turn half of the songs into dance club music.  Can you play that?  Can you enjoy that?  Ok.  E-mail me.  TammyLaforest@gmail.com

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Ideas and computer trouble part 2

I exchanged the mac mini as planned.  I also brought my laptop back to the genius bar to have them reinstall the OS.  Relieved that the trouble was over, I went home for the fourth time. I turned on my laptop and an “error occured” that wouldn’t allow me to log in.   Ugh.  I cannot believe I need to go back to the mall for a fifth time, but that is life and computer troubles are too expensive to ignore.  I made another appointment for 3:15 and gritted my teeth for a few hours.  They were able to fix the problem after all.  I am glad.  I am actually typing on the laptop right now.  

When I got home I installed all of the updates on both computers and as it would turn out, the new mac mini has the exact same issue as the one I had just returned that morning. What. The. Heck.  

*deep breaths*  

I also gambled $80 and bought a logic board for my iMac on Ebay.  I have this nice iMac just sitting here with a broken sensor.  Why not replace it?  It is on the logic board.  Apple said it would cost $600 to replace.  Well, let’s try a used part, thank you very much.  

Bacon Coffee Ice Cream

I made it.  I did not make a video.   If I had, you would all laugh.  The ice cream didn’t really churn and the ice cream didn’t taste good with bacon in it.  The ice cream itself ROCKED though.  

I attempted to record today and couldn’t get my computer to pick up sound from my guitar.  So I gave up and played in iMovie instead.  

I have my first band practice in a month today.  First I got sick.  Then I hurt both hands.  Then Conor cut his hand and went to Florida.  Wish us luck. The End.

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Ideas and computer trouble.

Transferred from tammylaforest.tumblr.com

Someone once told me that I think too much. This statement baffled me because I thought that behind everyone’s eyes, they were all thinking.  Apparently a very active mind leads to good ideas, bad ideas,  a make believe world of amusement, and a real world of frustration and discontentment.  

I have a few ideas right now.  Since you are not in the room as I am writing this, you cannot stop me from talking about them.  Blogs are so freeing.  *smirks*

Bacon Milkshake youtube video

What good is it to try something new if you don’t show the whole world?  I bought all local and/or organic ingredients to make my own homemade coffee ice cream and bacon milkshakes and I want to make them while filming a video to post on youtube.  There is a certain someone I wanted to do this with, but either they think I am crazy or are just too busy.  I wanted to do it today but my laptop died.  This is my life.  I don’t know if this would taste good or bad, but the curiosity is just killing me.  This reminds me of a bad idea I once had.  (See link in first paragraph.  *giggles*)

More importantly, I have music in my head- TONS AND TONS OF MUSIC.  I have an acoustic album, 1.5 band albums, a jazz album, a Christian album, a Christmas album and an electronica/club album.  I NEED to get it out.  Sometimes I start to record and my computer dies.  I did back up some of it, but I haven’t had a good enough computer since then to use my time machine.  *sigh*  

Money isn’t really coming in from music yet either.  Actually, I bought a PA system and am way in the negative at the moment.  The plan has been this:

  1. Buy a mac mini and matching cables, logic pro software, recording microphones, headphones, monitor speakers, an audio interface and some wine to help feel better after spending all of that money.  
  2. Start recording the above mentioned band album.
  3. Work on that band I mentioned or record all of the instruments myself.
  4. Pray to find someone who can play cello.  
  5. Get it mastered.
  6. Make the CDs and distribute. 

I looked in my piggy bank and it just didn’t seem feasible.  Then I heard of kickstarter campaigns.  It’s like pre-buying a CD.  I have been planning to start this campaign when I am “ready.”  Then the laptop died which totally ruined my plans.  *shakes fist at the Universe*  

So I had to scrounge together some money to get that mac mini that I was going to have to buy anyway.  Dave and Rose rolled some coins and I picked up the computer plus tax, apple care, the superdrive, and a bunch of cables I wasn’t expecting to need.  Then I came home and drank wine.  It doesn’t have a webcam but we are hoping to “fix” the laptop.  I won’t be putting my hard work onto it though.  

I plugged in the new computer and it was broken.  New but broken.  Who is unlucky here? Granted, I am typing on it right now because it does work from time to time, but I am so returning this thing tomorrow when I have my car.  Remember when I used to think macs were infallible.  I am sitting in my closet right now with 4 broken macs on my desk.  But at least they don’t have any viruses *maniacal laughter*  

When I do have the money to get the equipment and then I have the equipment there will still be the problem of time.  I am not unwilling to drop school for a semester to record, though.  And it will be wonderful.  I just know it.  I just know.  

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Relationship Status Update

A little song I wrote about people changing their relationship status too frequently. Lyrics below (side note….what’s with that one Continue reading

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Straight Up (Paula Abdul cover)

Tammy Laforest performing Straight Up on acoustic guitar.

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Facebook Tutorial- Lists

How to make lists, add friends, change update types, merge, add to favorites and hide.

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Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye

I changed this up a little bit because I didn’t like the way the verse sounded in the original version. Continue reading

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U Smile Justin Bieber

Tammy Laforest playing Justin Bieber’s U smile. www.facebook.com

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