Hello.  I wanted to let you know about a few things that are happening in my life right now.

Music is going pretty well for me.  I have a few pages that I have been working on.  First and most important is my Facebook music page: 

Getting likes on that pages helps show venues that I have people listening to my music and can draw a crowd.  I’ve been trying to keep my music content on there and not on my personal page, but it has been difficult because a lot of my facebook friends haven’t yet “liked” that page.  Music updates then don’t show up in their news feeds, so they don’t know how much fun I’ve been having.  I hear a lot of people saying that they didn’t know I had something going on.  I would love it if you would like my page.  If you have a business page that I don’t know about, I would also be happy to “like” it if you send it to me.

I also keep my gig schedule in two places.

And on my main website

There are ways to subscribe to e-mail updates on either of those websites if you would like those.

If you didn’t know already, I am also working on recording my next album “Copper.”  It is quite a tedious and time consuming project.  Now that Rose is in school, I can record during Lucy’s nap time, but that actually isn’t all that much time.  It’s happening though.   Slowly.  🙂  I’ve taken a break from school, band gigs and practices to get the recording done.

I host an open mic every other Tuesday at McNeil’s Tavern- 888 Charles Street, North Providence, RI 02904.  Musicians can sign up to perform as early as 8:30 PM.  I start the performances at 9pm.  It is supposed to end at 11 PM but we are usually having too much fun to stop.  I love Mcneil’s Tavern.  The people are so nice and friendly.  I feel very safe and protected there.  They make really good nachos too.  or

Aside from music, I also have a new job.  I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant.  I started about two months ago, and I have to say it is the best job I have ever had.  Scentsy is a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles and a very successful direct selling company.  They are not candles but rather  warmers that use a low-watt bulb to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing its fragrance time. With no flame, soot, or wick, the Scentsy wickless candle system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 Scentsy fragrances. (Yes, I stole that line from the website.)

Scentsy for me is a very flexible and easy job.  It is a reliable, high quality product at a very reasonable price.  It is a business in a box with a very low startup rate.  I don’t have to make the website myself!!!!!!  I love it.  I also love earning my own paycheck again.  And I can still do the stay at home mother thing.   I do home parties, basket parties, catalog/online parties and take individual orders on my website.

I’ve been happy and productive.  Thanks for reading my message.


Here is a list of my websites.  If you use any of these regularly, please connect with me. please like please follow  please subscribe

Music Email:

Personal and Scentsy e-mail:

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Open Mic at McNeil’s Launch Party

McNeil’s Tavern 888 Charles Street, North Providence RI. Open mic hosted by Tammy Laforest. Open mic sign up Continue reading

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Tammy Laforest and the Shoes at the Mediator

Video blog about the shoes I wore to The Mediator Stage 9/6/12

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Ragweed and Recording

Summer is coming to an end. It’s the best time of year to be outside. Not too hot. Not too cold. Unless you suffer from ragweed allergies like I do. It seemed like the perfect time to schedule two outdoor shows until my nose started running. I am going to sound AWESOME (sarcasm).

In better news…

I would like to formally thank you all for supporting the recording of Copper. I just spent all of the money. Isn’t that great?! As soon as UPS gets here I will be ready to record the tracks we have been practicing. But not the vocal tracks. Those will have to wait until ragweed season ends. It feels like I always need one more thing. I thought I was ready and then I found out I needed this and that and there was another order and another complication and another trip to the Apple Store. If you looked at my banking statement you might think I have spend an eighth of my recording budget on parking at the Providence Place Mall. But I am really hopeful (*knocks on wood while rubbing rabbit foot and crossing fingers*), that I will not need anything else. Which is almost laughable. Anyway…

Has anyone reading this made an e-book before? I have thoughts and ideas that I would like to share with the world.

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Girl in the Dark

Here is a little webcam recording to introduce you to a new song. Lyrics below. I saw a girl Sitting Continue reading

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Advertisement July 14, 2012 at Firehouse 13

UNregular Radio is trekking down to Providence, RI to throw a show at Firehouse 13. Event Page here: *Fort Continue reading

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The Band Leader sends texts

As you all should know by now, my band who I will refer to as “My Enablers” for this post because I think it is funny and because they have no other name than “Tammy Laforest”, is playing its first real show this Wednesday.

See? No? Ok, so we aren’t actually listed on the website, but it’s ok. We haven’t really earned our spot there yet, have we? This post is not about that.

This post is about me freaking out. I actually have two shows this week. Wednesday I am playing with My Enablers at the Met. Thursday I am playing as a soloist with other sets by other RISA artists at the Greenwich Hotel. The solo gig I could do, and probably will do, with my eyes closed. The band gig is making me nervous. I don’t know if we will play well because we haven’t played together in public before except for three songs at the Spot. That went well actually. That’s not the point! I try not to take a test until I have studied enough to know that I have the material down. I try not to play shows until I know we have practiced enough. I honestly think we have practiced most songs enough. That hasn’t kept me from sending a bazillion texts and e-mails and facebook messages to My Enablers in a total panic.

This is why they invented wine, isn’t it?

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Kony Pajamas

Download the mp3 at Like my facebook page Lyrics below Kony pajamas I’m wearing my oversized red Kony Continue reading

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Vlog 5/21/12 I made a music video

Vlog 5/21/12 I made a music video. Tammy Laforest. Like my facebook page.

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Jr. Mint Nom Nom

If you are ever sitting next to me at a music venue, chances are good that the conversation will turn inappropriate and possibly awkward within the first two minutes. Generally the conversations are not offensive, but add alcohol and suddenly I am telling a table of cat lovers about my dislike and fear of cats. Ordinarily I would just keep quiet about this, but it just comes out too easily with the help of a vodka drink. I find myself trying to justify this insult by explaining about my recurring nightmare of the cat at the top of the spiral staircase and about my cat Simon who would hunt my ankles every time I crossed the kitchen, sending me running and shrieking into the lap of my older sister. It would have been easier if I had just shut up in the first place.

Deep Thoughts

What is the purpose of a show or open mic anyway? One could argue that it is the love of music, both listening and playing. We could talk about community and friendship. In the end, however, I believe it is more about money. Both the band/host and the venue would like to make money. The band provides the music, the host provides the order and equipment and the venue provides the room, perhaps the PA and the refreshments. I have learned that it is the “duty” of the audience and the open mic performers to eat french fries and drink beer in order to provide the money to the venue who then pay the performer. The performer keeps performing. The venue keeps hiring. Everyone is happy.

But what happens when you get someone like me who doesn’t care to drink sugar, fake sugar, caffeine, or alcohol and also is allergic to 95% of what is on you menu? I order water. And since I don’t want to pay $3.50 for a bottle of estrogen filled water from somewhere else, I usually just get tap water, and I feel guilty. Sometimes I give in and get a real drink. I do enjoy them. I just don’t enjoy insulting the cat people. Someone usually films me too. Why does that happen?!

I went to the Apartment last night. I have ordered a few things from there in the past. I had the Jr. Mint Nom Nom last night. It tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was very good. I have also had their sweet potato fries. Very nice. If you go there, you should try them. I also very much enjoy the staff there. They have an open mic hosted by Joe Auger there every Sunday at 8. Sign up is around 7:30. Come early or miss the sign up. Even if you don’t play, there is always a lot of good music to hear and fun people to be around.

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The Room is a Mess


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