My life is a giant question mark

I haven’t blogged in a few days because I’ve been wandering aimlessly wondering what I am supposed to do next. Mostly, I’ve been ruling out options. My husband asked me, “What do you like to do the most?” I said, “My original songs.” And he said, “Then find a way to make money doing that.” I think that is easier said than done.

This week I have done hours of research on PA systems. Long story short, I should only play full band shows in venues with a built in sound system. I can’t afford to upgrade mine to the point where it will be valuable for a full band. It is, however, the perfect PA for acoustic shows. I was going to post an entire blog about what I have and what I learned, but I am not going to. So there. So things are still looking good for being a solo acoustic cover act.

As for bands, the good news is that my original band is so great and that they are also down to play cover band gigs. The bad news is their day jobs and other bands. They are so busy. The good news is that cover band gigs pay which might make it all worthwhile for them. Possibly. We are playing a radio show tomorrow night. We are playing semi-acoustic. That should be interesting.

As for playing at venues with original bands, it is kind of hard. The venues take a gamble having new bands like mine play a show. We haven’t been around enough to have a great draw. I’ve been going in an out of this conversation to discuss with headliners whether or not they want to play shows I am helping set up. It is chaos. I’m just dying to play. I’ve done several open mic this week. They are a good temporary release. I sold two CDs. Balance [-$458.84]

In social media world, I am doing pretty well, but that all feels as pointless as playing with a tamagotchi pet. Twitter followers, Klout score, chart position on Reverbnation… maybe all meaningless. But we will see. We will see.


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  1. Len says:

    It is a tough spot you are in for sure. You are running around doing so much with little promise of reward. Your songs are well received but that in itself is not taking you where you want to go. ( Yeah, Captain Obvious, here). However, it is like throwing out a net sometimes and waiting to see what you catch. Sometimes the big fish are caught where you least expect to find them. Don’t focus on individual endeavors so much but look at the big picture. For months I have been looking for a part-time job that will suit my hours and other needs. Today I think I found the perfect one for me for right now-on Craigslist, no less. Hang in there. You are not on the clock so stop listening to that tick-tock in your head. You have the talent. You will get there. Len

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