My lack of band- now hiring

You can only do so much when you only have two hands.  

And my ideas are such that I must form a band.

Ok, enough poetry.  This is Conor. He plays the bass in my band.

Conor Birdhair

Tammy + Conor ≠ full band

So what I am saying here is PLEASE JOIN MY BAND.  More specifically, if you like my music, share the same ambitions as me and play cello, you are probably in automatically.  If you fall into the above criteria but instead play drums, electric guitar or maybe piano, I will also have to like you and the way you play.  

But most importantly, you have to like me because you will be stuck with  me and my ideas for a very long time.  But it will be worth it because the goal is to make money with the band we form.  Do you like money?  I think the attention and admiration aspect is there also .  

Listen to my music and imagine it with drums and electric guitar.  I know it is difficult.  Also keep in  mind that I want to turn half of the songs into dance club music.  Can you play that?  Can you enjoy that?  Ok.  E-mail me.

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