Paradoxal Dreams

Whispering on my hips you are gone
I remember in the night
Nothing it might mean
It might mean it’s right
Levitating dangerously in my dreams so high
I kiss the dream of weakened knees whatever gets us by

I wonder what’s wrong as you
passionately rape me
Everything you gave is gone
You keep it as you take me

I love it when you lie
Please pretend
It’s much easier to die
Than to bring this to an end

I’m tired of your manipulating ways
Creating new fears in me
Stay away from me
Or I’ll fall deep
It’s unfair we both know
You know better than me
To some extent this all goes
I’m just too blind to see

Where have you gone are you
Somewhere you could take me
Is there someone else with you
Just tell me that you hate me


Let me go, don’t leave me here alone
Stay away from me, don’t leave me, don’t leave me