Into The Water

For Jenny

My only light source fades away

Cocoa butter kisses leave me nauseated
I’m sickened by the beauty that surrounds
What is pretty is everything that I’ve hated
A morbid thing is what I want right now

You may not agree that bleeding is beauty
But to me, it’s your baby [note: as beautiful as you find your baby]
What may upset you may evoke a smile from me
Paint me a memory

Into the water
Reflects a memory
Full of disorder
It used to be
It used to be

I watch the day as it fades away
The horizon moves over the sun
The clouds pass the moon in a most peculiar way
The weather and the moon are one

Will the moon break the cycle
Bring on noon while it’s still full
It is still so uncomfortable
It could double as pain


My only light source fades away
Into the water