Girl in the Dark

I saw a girl sitting in the dark
On a chair full of hope, on a chair full of trust
She waited alone, though she was not
But she couldn’t have known because of the dark

It was dark like my mind after working all day
With my hair in the wind and the wind in the sails
In the dark, all alone, as she thought she was there
In a chair full of hope, in a world without fear

Sing along, sing aloud I’m
Sailing windward
Now that I am never alone
With her picture over my heart

I envy her hope like I envy her day
As she sits and she sings and is happy some way
As I sail on the sea and I struggle to thrive
She’s simply content just to be alive

All that she wants is to sit in the dark
All the hours a day as a piece of my art
Maybe her hope will be part of my too
Now that I have this tattoo