I’ll tell you a story
tell you about copper
His love got on a train and
He didn’t try to stop her
I’ll never be happy
So I will not try
I’ll sit on the tracks and
Wait my turn to die
He has nothing to live for
He’s waiting for the end
He’ll never be happy
He won’t try to pretend
He sent his heart on a train
A long time ago
Dreams of being happy
But doesn’t have a hope

Eat drink and be merry
I don’t think I’ll try
Why bother to live if
We’re all going to die
Maybe I’ll be happy
My time has not come yet
But with just one bullet
I can just forget
And you can all forget me
While I am asleep
Sleep is all I have now
Nothing else to keep
Why bother to live if
It’s all going to end
Read Ecclesiates
And you’ll understand

Depression is a battle
Something you must fight
You may think you’re crazy
But I think you’re right
There is no hope here
But we can still try
It will not be easy
I will not lie
But if it is a comfort
Give it some more time
Even with no bullet
One day you will die
Even with no bullet
One day you will die

(c) Tammy Laforest Schneider