Sweet like peaches
Beauty Says to me
Come one over
I am good to eat
taste me slowly
I will tell you why
Too much too quickly and
You will cry
You will cry

Soft like babies
Beauty says to me
Touch me gently
Form a memory
Fragrant like flowers
Breath it in deep
Once you breath out
My beauty you can’t keep
You can’t keep

Like the ocean is
The voice of beauty
Once I heard it I
Let it consume me
But she stopped me saying
It’s a lovely sound
But if you do that
You will surely drown

You will drown
You will drown
You will drown

Beauty if I could drown in you
you would become like the sand
I would grasp two handfulls
and you’d slip right through my hands
In the garden you’re the only tree
That has forbidden fruit
Like a lilly among thorns
That I cannot quite get to

that I can’t get to
That I can’t get to

(c) Tammy Laforest Schneider