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Track Listing and Lyrics

1.  I’m Alive
2. Copper
3. Beauty
4. Took Away My Phone
5. Suddenly
6. Flowers
7. Girl in the Dark
8. Into the Water
9. Copper (long version)

Liner notes

Copper contains songs from the hardest times in my life.  Thank you to all of my friends and family for supporting me during the time that it took me to record this album.

Tammy Laforest– Lyrics, music, sound recording, arrangement, performance, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
George Dussault–  Sound recording, arrangement, performance, mixing, mastering, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, hand percussion, drums, backup vocals
Christine Harrington– Cello
Ellen Tasho– Violin, viola
Jenny Connors–  Backup vocals on Into the Water.  Hair and makeup in photos.
Holly Connors– Photography
Crystal Greene– Cover design

© & ℗ 2014

9 Responses to Copper

  1. Yay! It’s done! Finally! I’m so happy!

  2. Peter Picillo says:

    So great to have this CD. All the songs are so beautiful. Can’t stop listening to it!!

  3. Kari says:

    We made an impromptu CD from our digital downloads to listen to in the car on our recent trip this past weekend, and the songs are sounding excellent! Anxious to receive the real CD with the beautiful artwork and lyrics. I love the longer version of the title track with its gorgeous vocals!

  4. Mikkeh (Scotland, UK) says:

    Right now as I write, I find myself singing along. Its now my fourth time in a row listening to this album.

    It literally took seconds to download the digital copy, and less than that to be stunned. Its rare for me to find an album where I like every song, and this one is definitely on that shelf.

    That voice is utterly beautiful, and it can be haunting (Gave me goosebumps). And beauty doesn’t just run in the pipes, she’s gorgeous! Go have a look at her! And obviously very deep underneath, which pours from her lyrics. It shows her strength.

    The instrumentals, and Tammy’s voice could not be more perfect together. They compliment each other nicely. I have to mention the guitar solo in Copper… I’m an absolute sucker for guitar solos, and this weakened me. Well done, Sir!

    Its also been pointed out that I’m fan girling… Totally true.

    All in all, its effin’ catchy, and amazing. I’m very thankful to the awesome girl who recommended it. Tammy, you’re going far!

  5. Mikkeh says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

    Thank you, also.

  6. Scott M Lewis says:

    Although I’ve heard Tammy play live, it wasn’t until I listened to this record did I realize what a talented songwriter she is. Also, she has an amazing voice for Rock &Roll. Can’t wait for the follow up!

  7. Tony Gerardi says:

    I saw her street performance recently and was blown away by her honest direct lyrics and beautiful vocals. Then I bought her CD and listened to it four times in a row. It’s excellent I can’t wait to hear her perform again!

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