Let ’em Get Married

This is an original of mine. Lyrics below. www.facebook.com Daddy’s little girl Scholarship to be a doctor Met a boy and fell in love He was trying to be a rock star One day he came to her daddy With an engagement ring Saying “Since I met her I have been saving.” Her daddy hesitated He was looking at a boy Said her life might be wasted But if it bring her joy Chorus: Then let ’em get married She’ll be a good wife She will be happy Though they’ll have a hard life They’ll grow together He’ll become a man Though this isn’t part of my plan Twelve years later They’d had two kids Music didn’t work out But the restaurant did She stayed home with the kids and went to school at night they’d bought a house and things were going all right Chorus: Then she graduated became a nurse-midwife Hadn’t thought of that option Until she’d lived her life Her daddy and husband Smiled and shook hands He had really become a good man All along it had been God’s plan

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