Jr. Mint Nom Nom

If you are ever sitting next to me at a music venue, chances are good that the conversation will turn inappropriate and possibly awkward within the first two minutes. Generally the conversations are not offensive, but add alcohol and suddenly I am telling a table of cat lovers about my dislike and fear of cats. Ordinarily I would just keep quiet about this, but it just comes out too easily with the help of a vodka drink. I find myself trying to justify this insult by explaining about my recurring nightmare of the cat at the top of the spiral staircase and about my cat Simon who would hunt my ankles every time I crossed the kitchen, sending me running and shrieking into the lap of my older sister. It would have been easier if I had just shut up in the first place.

Deep Thoughts

What is the purpose of a show or open mic anyway? One could argue that it is the love of music, both listening and playing. We could talk about community and friendship. In the end, however, I believe it is more about money. Both the band/host and the venue would like to make money. The band provides the music, the host provides the order and equipment and the venue provides the room, perhaps the PA and the refreshments. I have learned that it is the “duty” of the audience and the open mic performers to eat french fries and drink beer in order to provide the money to the venue who then pay the performer. The performer keeps performing. The venue keeps hiring. Everyone is happy.

But what happens when you get someone like me who doesn’t care to drink sugar, fake sugar, caffeine, or alcohol and also is allergic to 95% of what is on you menu? I order water. And since I don’t want to pay $3.50 for a bottle of estrogen filled water from somewhere else, I usually just get tap water, and I feel guilty. Sometimes I give in and get a real drink. I do enjoy them. I just don’t enjoy insulting the cat people. Someone usually films me too. Why does that happen?!

I went to the Apartment last night. I have ordered a few things from there in the past. I had the Jr. Mint Nom Nom last night. It tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was very good. I have also had their sweet potato fries. Very nice. If you go there, you should try them. I also very much enjoy the staff there. They have an open mic hosted by Joe Auger there every Sunday at 8. Sign up is around 7:30. Come early or miss the sign up. Even if you don’t play, there is always a lot of good music to hear and fun people to be around.

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