Ideas and computer trouble part 2

I exchanged the mac mini as planned.  I also brought my laptop back to the genius bar to have them reinstall the OS.  Relieved that the trouble was over, I went home for the fourth time. I turned on my laptop and an “error occured” that wouldn’t allow me to log in.   Ugh.  I cannot believe I need to go back to the mall for a fifth time, but that is life and computer troubles are too expensive to ignore.  I made another appointment for 3:15 and gritted my teeth for a few hours.  They were able to fix the problem after all.  I am glad.  I am actually typing on the laptop right now.  

When I got home I installed all of the updates on both computers and as it would turn out, the new mac mini has the exact same issue as the one I had just returned that morning. What. The. Heck.  

*deep breaths*  

I also gambled $80 and bought a logic board for my iMac on Ebay.  I have this nice iMac just sitting here with a broken sensor.  Why not replace it?  It is on the logic board.  Apple said it would cost $600 to replace.  Well, let’s try a used part, thank you very much.  

Bacon Coffee Ice Cream

I made it.  I did not make a video.   If I had, you would all laugh.  The ice cream didn’t really churn and the ice cream didn’t taste good with bacon in it.  The ice cream itself ROCKED though.  

I attempted to record today and couldn’t get my computer to pick up sound from my guitar.  So I gave up and played in iMovie instead.  

I have my first band practice in a month today.  First I got sick.  Then I hurt both hands.  Then Conor cut his hand and went to Florida.  Wish us luck. The End.

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