Hiring Update

Here is the update to my now hiring ad:

I am quite pleased with the members that have joined so far. The positions for drummer, bass and rhythm guitar are filled. I am still looking for someone to play a lead instrument. If you only play guitar, I am not interested. Sorry! If you play lead guitar AND another instrument such as piano or violin and especially cello, please e-mail me. E-mail TammyLaforest@gmail.com

Do not e-mail me if you have not listened to my music and watched my videos. You must enjoy my stuff because that is what we will be playing! It will change once you are part of it, but it won’t change THAT much.

In regards to a dance/club/pop band, it doesn’t seem to be the time for it. However, if you come to me with the intention of working on that type of music, I will consider it because it is my favorite.


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