Full-time musician

What does it look like to be a full time musician? I suppose the answer would depend on your skill set.  Let’s look at a few guys I know personally who get their entire income from music.

Aaron abrahamson Cote full time musician

George Dussualt Full time Musician

I’m not sure that these guys sleep.  Two of them have wives and children.  But they make music work.  Music and music only.  How do we get to that point?  The advice I was given was JUST DO IT.  If you don’t believe you can do it, you probably won’t.  You have to jump in and stop making back up plans and excuses.

These guys also have a variety of things that they do.  They don’t just play guitar in one band.  Some people I know give lessons, play restaurants, have a recording studio, do studio work, play in festivals, or play funerals.  The possibilities are endless.  You need to be as versatile as possible without sacrificing skill.  These guys in the photos are extremely talented.  Remember they put their FULL TIME into their music.  If you only do something as a hobby, you will have hobby skill level.

Just do it.  #iWANTitALL

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  1. kyle andree says:

    Amen, Tammy. It’s definitely great to have these goals and aspirations, but they can only go as far as the plan you put together to make it happen. I’m glad to see you’ve got yours thought out and you’re putting into action! Now if only I could grow a set and quit the 9-5, hahaha.

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