Copper Release and Dust Ruffles Debut Success!

The CD Release party and debut of my new band the Dust Ruffles was a success. The venue was packed. The bar was happy. The people bought lots of CDs. I couldn’t be happier.

Copper CD Release the Dust Ruffles Debut

Copper CD Release the Dust Ruffles Debut

The night was kicked off with an acoustic guitar and steel pan drum duo. As the room filled with people, David Schneider and Aaron Abrahamson Cote played beautiful instrumental pieces, including one of my song Beauty which was exciting for me.

Next the Dust Ruffles started off with Flowers, our 1950’s pop song about a girl just wanting a guy to put effort into a date. I gave a speech.

In case you didn’t read it on Facebook, it is Friday the 13th. There is a full moon and Mercury is in retrograde. I decided it would be a good idea to take my new band and my new CD and play a new venue on a PA I’ve never taken out before. What could go wrong?

Thank you all for being here tonight. You may not realize it, but this is one of the biggest nights of my life. I consider it nearly equal to the day I was married and the days my children were born. I’ve been in school forever but I have never graduated anything. I consider Copper to be my diploma. And it was largely funded by the college money that my father saved my whole life. Thanks, Dad. Remind me to give you a bunch of CDs.

There are two tracks on the CD from my mid-teen years and the rest are from 2 to four years ago. That was a very difficult time for me that gave me some of my best and most emotional songs. I am glad to share them with you and happy to now find myself in a much better place in life.

Dave, I want to specifically thank you for being patient with me and for supporting me through the recording of Copper. I know those years were also difficult for you and I am glad that we we went through them as a team and that we are here together today.

Rose and Lucy, I want to thank you for being the joy in my life. Rose, you brought me my first true happiness and are growing up to be a smart young lady. Lucy, you are happiness itself and make me happy just by being in the room.

I don’t want to keep the music waiting too long so I am not going to thank all of my friends, family, parents and Penelope specifically, but I am grateful for your enormous support. I appreciate all of you.

Thank you for your pre-orders and small loans, your artwork and your hair and makeup skills. Without them, I couldn’t have finished these CDs.

We are the Dust Ruffles. Al joined me last August. He has been one of my biggest fans, an encouragement and a great drummer. Sharlene and Bobby joined me recently. I can tell that Sharlene is going to the order and stability in the band and Bobby is going to add creativity and dynamics. Thank you for joining on such short notice and being so good at what you do.

Lastly, I want to thank George Dussault. If you look at the CD credits you will see that he wasn’t just a producer. He was the band. He was the brain. He took my songs and my ideas, added his thoughts and expertise and made them into magic. I wouldn’t have this piece of art in my hands if it weren’t for you. Tonight, George is going to play along with the Dust Ruffles in celebration of the release of this project which is as much his making as it is mine.

The Dust Ruffles played with George Dussault of Galilee Productions. We played all of the songs on Copper. Then we finished off with a few more songs, ending with a new song we wrote called Candy where I play the drums and Al plays guitar.

Justin Davis and the Just Express followed our act. They performed jazz and R&B hits with much skill and the audience enjoyed them.

The night was finished off with several hours of open mic. Many chicken fingers were eaten. Many margaritas were consumed. We went home feeling like rock stars.

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  1. Joan Kirk says:

    Bravo my friend. Very proud of you and your growth. You are a great person and a valued friend. love love!!!

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  3. Celia says:

    Well done my beautiful friend! So happy it was everything you wanted it to be. You deserve it. Love and light to you and yours.

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