April 6, 2013 at the Locals! With Joe Auger

4/6/13 Locals flyer

4:6:13 locals flyer 2 jpeg

Two weeks away! Tammy Laforest and Joe Auger play the Locals. April 6, 2013 from 7pm to 10pm.

Joe Auger is one of my personal FAVORITE artists on the planet to the extent that I have spent at least one sleepless night worried that the world was somehow going to miss this great talent because they are too busy watching reality television and obsessing over national acts. OPEN YOUR EYES, Rhode Island (and southern mass)! Some of the best talents in the world are here in front of you, in your own region, in your own towns, in your own time. NOW. HERE. You can come see them for FREE most of the time and CHEAPLY most of the other times. I cannot even begin to express the frustration I feel when I turn off Joe’s CD after relishing in his genius, talent and amazing voice for an hour and realize that no one even realizes he is here. *throws object at the wall*

And that is why you should come Saturday 4/6/13 to the Locals, because not only will he be playing, but I will be crying in the corner every time he opens his mouth to sing. When he isn’t singing, I will be. And on top of it, The Locals (11 Waterman Ave, North Providence) has a delicious new menu and drink menu and more seating than they did when my show was way too full last time I played there. We are playing for tips so no cover at the door. Here is the facebook event: TAMMY AND JOE PLAY THE LOCALS

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