Actions, not words

I’ve been busy doing what I have been talking about doing all of this time, so I haven’t had time to talk about it.  I know you’ve all been dying to hear from me *winks*  so I am here to give you the long awaited update.

It was a musical weekend.  Dave’s gig on Saturday was happy and successful.  He has been in a super good mood as a result.  It was his first gig in front of an audience with his new band, the Providence World Ensemble.  They played well and had an attentive audience.  The joy from this combined with the joy of getting the weekly Mexican restaurant gig has made him smile and write new songs.  Quite frankly, the man has been walking on clouds.  I have enjoyed watching him.

The Providence World Ensemble

The Providence World Ensemble

On Sunday I played Music For Paws, a benefit show for the Bristol Animal Shelter.  It had been planned for Saturday daytime, but was moved to the rain date of Sunday.  Tracy from the band VulGarrity and Davey Moore of Midday Records and Satellites Fall put on the benefit along with Dusk.  There were many great performers at the night show, several great acoustic artists at the block party, awesome vendors and food trucks.  I had the best hot dog I ever tasted from Elwood’s Dog House.

I love performing.  Few things make me happier than watching someone get really excited because I play both Justin Timberlake AND Britney Spears songs.  If they dance around and sing the words, that is even better.  This happened, so I consider my time at Dusk to be a success.  I also met a bunch of musician’s children, which was awesome.  Every show and every connection can eventually lead to something awesome, so it is good to keep that in mind whenever you are playing a charity gig.  There is also a possibility that I sold copies of Copper on iTunes, but I guess I won’t know that until the end of the quarter.

Yesterday, I worked on another sample website in order to promote my simple band web design.  Here it is:

The goal behind Dave’s website was to make it as clean and simple as possible, while giving the necessary information needed to direct people toward his video and music samples.  I had to do this with only a handful of photos.  He isn’t a blogger, so his website will serve only as a landing page.  His mailing list and Facebook page will be where people will get more information.  His events and music will update automatically when he updates his Reverbnation account.

What am I going to do today to make myself more successful with music?  I have band practice with the Dust Ruffles tonight.  Our Aug 14 show was postponed, but we will be on WATD radio, 95.5 FM, on Tuesday night, so will need to prepare for that.  I am also going to keep organizing my house and organizing my song book until it is all done.

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